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Some photographs I took recently on a trip to the beach, where we picked and gorged on strawberries, lay in the sun and played with the dogs.

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Some recent drawings of Rachel from Witness and studies of sausage doggies for an upcoming portrait.

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My first solo show is up at Little Deer Tracks cafe! 


It's on until the 3rd of November, so there's plenty of time to come down and have some cheeky eggs florentine and a little peek at the show x


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Guess what! My sweet babe's 2nd album Sorry, Morning is finally out on iTunes! It's so lovely, you should go and have a listen/splurge here.


There is also a bunch of other beautiful stuff like music videos and video art to be seen on his website. Go have a lil squiz why don't ya!

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It has been far too long since I have put anything up here! Thankfully this is actually because I have been working madly and haven't had the time to document all the things I've been making. Also in this time I have been to Bruny Island, eaten my own weight in cheese and smoked salmon, been approved for a little show at Little Deer Tracks in Coburg and 2nd semester has started! So many fun / stressful things!

The show at Little Deer Tracks has been keeping me busy trying to meet the amount of works I'd like to hang. It'll be on from 29th september - 3rd november, which is still far enough away for me to not feel too stressed about. 
Here is a little preview of some of the things I've been working on.


I have heaps more stuff to put up - lots of photographs from Bruny Island and the months before and some other things I've been working on, but it'll take me a little while to get around to all of that I think. All my spare time is being spent drawing furiously, which has been terrific and really instrumental in breaking out of my jarred modes of creativity. So more stuffs soon!


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Last weekend we stayed in Malmsbury to look after our lovely friend's pooch Dusty, with whom I fell completely in love. We roasted a chicken, sat by the fire reading, collected fresh eggs from the chooks every morning, slept in and took Dusty for foggy morning walks. It was so incredibly lovely, but I now feel dissatisfied with everything in my life that's not in the country centred around a dog.

Dusty is one of the sweetest dogs that I have met: insisting on sitting between us (on top of us) on the couch, grumbling when we moved, and putting her paw on our knees when she wanted our attention.
I took two rolls of film while we were away, everything was red and orange and yellow with Autumn leaves and so pretty. I will get them developed next week and they will be up soon!

Here is a drawing that I did of Dusty for her wonderful owners. I am now considering a career solely in dog portraiture.


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his week we finally finished our group project, and it actually surpassed all of our expectations. Reconnect took us three months to make and was generally a huge pain in the ass, but on the last morning as we hung it up and covered over the last remaining holes with moss, fig leaves, vines and sticks, it suddenly was beautiful and we were all really happy.



The project was initially inspired by this Andy Goldsworthy quote: "We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we've lost our connection to ourselves."


The whole room has begun to smell like decaying leaves, a pleasant change from the paint smells, and the floor is slowly being covered by little twigs and dried up leaves.

It was a really lovely project to work on, as it is super different to my normal mode of work. It felt really good to be working with such tactile organic materials, and I'm really excited to work on and create similar projects maybe later on down the road.


Shi came by to get cosy with the nature sphere. Here she is being a sweet weirdo like always.


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Made some more bread today! This week's flavour is garlic & rosemary, and it is crazy tasty. Original recipe from this sweet lady (it's under 'life changing loaf of bread'- which it completely is).

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There are mice in the walls and at night I can hear them scurrying around and generally making nuisances of themselves.

I'm feeling pretty happy though because I finished the first draft of this essay/beast that I've been writing for the past three months and it feels real good.


Dandelion's being cuties

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Photographs from this year, from some of my most favourite places and with some of my most favourite people. I'm missing the Otways like crazy going over these images, and the sun and the sand!

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Macramé number 5: bathroom guy feat. branch from the fig tree.

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If anybody would like a technically shotty but made with love sort of macramé let me know, as I have already covered most of every room in the house in them and am still not ready to face my actually very pressing workload.

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This weekend, instead of doing anything that could be considered even vaguely productive academically, I made: two terreriums, one loaf of bread, hummus, vegetable soup, four macramés, and got a haircut.


Feeling pretty good about my home and pretty stressed about school, and excellent about covering everything everywhere in macramés.