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Last weekend we stayed in Malmsbury to look after our lovely friend's pooch Dusty, with whom I fell completely in love. We roasted a chicken, sat by the fire reading, collected fresh eggs from the chooks every morning, slept in and took Dusty for foggy morning walks. It was so incredibly lovely, but I now feel dissatisfied with everything in my life that's not in the country centred around a dog.

Dusty is one of the sweetest dogs that I have met: insisting on sitting between us (on top of us) on the couch, grumbling when we moved, and putting her paw on our knees when she wanted our attention.
I took two rolls of film while we were away, everything was red and orange and yellow with Autumn leaves and so pretty. I will get them developed next week and they will be up soon!

Here is a drawing that I did of Dusty for her wonderful owners. I am now considering a career solely in dog portraiture.