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My first solo show is up at Little Deer Tracks cafe! 


It's on until the 3rd of November, so there's plenty of time to come down and have some cheeky eggs florentine and a little peek at the show x


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It has been far too long since I have put anything up here! Thankfully this is actually because I have been working madly and haven't had the time to document all the things I've been making. Also in this time I have been to Bruny Island, eaten my own weight in cheese and smoked salmon, been approved for a little show at Little Deer Tracks in Coburg and 2nd semester has started! So many fun / stressful things!

The show at Little Deer Tracks has been keeping me busy trying to meet the amount of works I'd like to hang. It'll be on from 29th september - 3rd november, which is still far enough away for me to not feel too stressed about. 
Here is a little preview of some of the things I've been working on.


I have heaps more stuff to put up - lots of photographs from Bruny Island and the months before and some other things I've been working on, but it'll take me a little while to get around to all of that I think. All my spare time is being spent drawing furiously, which has been terrific and really instrumental in breaking out of my jarred modes of creativity. So more stuffs soon!


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Some more hare sketches. I'm finding the pose really difficult to settle on, mainly due to the legs and my lack of knowledge of the hare anatomy, the small skeleton and shape of the hing quarters are things I'm completely unfamiliar with.

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I'm finally getting underway with the fallow deer picture. It is taking so long! and my concentration starts to waver after two hours of drawing the dotted lines, so I have to break relatively regularly. I've laso started on a pig of the same size, and am about to start the third of the series, a hare.


It is taking forever but it is lovely meditative work, and requires much less brainy concentration than this beast of an essay I'm attempting to write.

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My beautiful sunny studio, in which I have finally begun the fallow deer piece---


These are the outlines so far, and I think this line work will drive me insane before it is done. Planning to add guache and sepia india ink once the outline's done.

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Some scribbles from last week


I drew these ladies in the wee hours of a Sunday morning by lamplight, after spilling my juice in Shi's shoes.

It's sunny again now, but I still want to wear wool and live in my doona.
This morning it was cold and raining still, and as I walked to catch the 8.30 train I got to watch my breath come out in little clouds while my feet splashed in shallow puddles. It was a terrific start to the day.

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Finally rainy weather is here! I've spent almost the entire weekend at my desk, drawing little fallow deer studies and drinking endless cups of tea while outside it is blustery and wet.

I've been drawing these guys for an upcoming work I'm doing, trying to do studies of the colours and shapes of them, particularly of the stag's antlers, which are amazing! They look like two outstretched arms the way they curve.


More big headed, little bodied fallows to come x