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Photographs from this year, from some of my most favourite places and with some of my most favourite people. I'm missing the Otways like crazy going over these images, and the sun and the sand!

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Macramé number 5: bathroom guy feat. branch from the fig tree.

Photo on 2013-04-21 at 15.01 #4.jpg
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If anybody would like a technically shotty but made with love sort of macramé let me know, as I have already covered most of every room in the house in them and am still not ready to face my actually very pressing workload.

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We just got back from four beautiful days camping in the Otways. It's been almost a year since I've been in those incredible forests... too long! I took lots of photographs on my Olympus, who is glad to be in use again after a few months of neglect.
Cups of tea in the camping chairs, early mornings with steam billowing off the ground and tents, fat little birds calling all morning and rain drops hitting the top of the tent. We bathed in Aire River which was unbelievably cold and cleansing, and tried not to let the territorial little yabbies get our toes, and on Monday morning I met a fox who took me exploring before anyone else had woken up. I feel completely refreshed and relaxed, and ready to go again.
Before coming home Pas and I spent the night in a beautiful little b'n'b, which had the most incredible wallpaper-place mat matching scheme that either of us had ever seen, and the toastiest fire/bath/robe situation that we could have hoped for. It was the most satisfying end to a camping trip that I have ever experienced. More photographs coming soon!

Behold, the wallpaper ------